14-Year-Old Girl Transforms A Camper Into An Awesome Home. And She Did It With Her Bare Hands

This teenager now has a cool space all to herself. Check out her story.

Ellie Yeater is only 14 years old. She saved up $500 and used it to purchase an old camper.



She bought the camper which was on sale online and only spent $200 to remodel it into an epic living space.


Evidently, the DIY spirit runs in the family. Ellie’s older brother, Isaiah, built a tiny cabin on the family’s property and this inspired the young girl.


She worked hard on the camper which was once used for camping and hunting.


Ellie wanted to have her own hangout spot but she wanted it to look really good so she could have electricity and WiFi.


The inside is painted with peach and polka dots gave the space a more fun look.



She had her family’s help too. Her father made the carpentry and grandma made curtains. Definitely runs in the family.


She tiled the floor and even made an awesome pathway that leads to her own personal fun spot.


She spent all summer collecting various things such as lamps that can be used to make her cool space more homely.


She can’t wait to start inviting friends over.


What do you think? Pretty awesome for a 14-year-old, right? We think so too. Very impressive.